about us

Iridia was founded on the premise that broader access to AEDs will save lives.  Our company’s founding moment in 1998 saw the province’s first workplace AED come into existence and to this day we still passionately wage war on SCA.  We exist to provide tools that save lives, and our goal is to see timely CPR and AED use applied to every out-of-hospital SCA.

why we exist

To enable Peace of Mind.

how we do it

Delivering the right care at the right time.

Providing tools to save lives.

Facilitating practical healthcare solutions.

Empowering people to save lives.

what we do

Remote Care Services

Our clients work in remote places with no access to health services. We supply physicians, paramedics, and mobile hospitals to care for workers.

SCA Solutions

Through innovative AED programs we are committed to improve SCA survival rates.

Medical Consulting

Our consultants have unique, specialized skill-sets. They will engage with health authorities to help optimize healthcare delivery.

Medical Education

Through innovative medical education classes we educate all skill levels, from physician to lay-rescuer.

our reach

  • 5000+ patients cared for

  • 5000+ AEDs placed

  • 100+ consulting projects

  • 32,000+ students trained in CPR & AED 

our clients

We've worked with small businesses and large corporations, both in the public and non-profit sector. The range of projects and work we have done for our clients is expansive.